Twin Draft Guard Ultimate

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  • Patented double-seal design blocks drafts from both sides!
  • Airtight seal keeps out heat/cold, noises, insects & toxic fumes
  • Glides across any flooring—wood, tile, even carpet
  • Trims to fit any door or window
  • Microfleece fabric repels moisture

Did you know up to 42% of your utility bill escapes through your doors and windows? Twin Draft Guard Ultimate can help reduce that monstrous bill. Seen on TV, this door or window insulator is unlike any other. The secret is the patented design which features dual seals 50% larger than the original. You’ll have an airtight seal that blocks drafts from BOTH sides of your door or window. Vital to use in both summer and winter!

What’s more, this dual sealer also keeps out noises, insects and toxic fumes. Easily trim the two channels to fit any door or window up to 36” wide. This popular TV product slides easily under your door or sits under your window. No installation necessary.

Plus, this door insulator glides over all flooring. Great for wood, tile, even carpet. Because it moves with your door, there is no bending to reposition. Microfleece fabric repels water, ice, snow and dirt. Ideal for the front entry, windows, garage, mudroom and basement.