The Belly Burner

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  • Custom shape provides a comfortable fit
  • Neoprene cell fabric increases thermal core temperature to help burn calories quickly
  • Fits up to a 50-inch waist
  • Three additional accessories: food/exercise journal, meal planner log, and free DVD

Shedding inches around your waist has never been easier than with the Belly Burner Weight Loss Belt. Just wrap the nylon-crafted belt around your waist and continue on with your daily routine to reap the benefits that the belt provides and get the body you’ve always desired.

The custom shape of the belt gives you a comfortable fit and functionality while you’re doing your daily activities and exercises. The neoprene cell fabric of the As Seen on TV Belly Burner Weight Loss Belt works to amplify the thermal core temperature throughout your mid-section by producing sauna-like conditions which help you to burn calories at a faster rate.

The belt fits waist sizes up to 50 inches and comes with everything you will need for your weight-loss journey: a journal to catalog your food intake and exercise, a nutrition and meal planner log equipped with a calorie counter, and a free DVD.