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Tac Tool

Low Price
  • An entire toolbox in the palm of your hand
  • No need to haul out a heavy toolbox at home
  • Tough enough to survive the harshest conditions
  • Takes a beating that would destroy other multi-tools
  • Useful for camping, auto & home
  • 18 tools in one: Includes 1 hammer, 2 pliers, 1 claw, 1 bottle opener, 2 saws, 2 flat head screwdrivers, 1 phillips screwdrivers, 4 wrenches, 1 wire stripper, 1 file, 1 knife & 1 wire cutter

The Ultimate Multi-Tool

If you’re a professional craftsman or a casual DIY person, then you understand the frustration that comes from digging through a messy toolbox, trying to find the right tool for the job. As Seen On TV, the Tac Tool is the ultimate multi-tool that’s like having an entire toolbox that fits right in your pocket, ensuring that you have the right tool on hand for quick fixes and tough projects.

Gives You 18 Tools That Fit In The Palm Of Your Hand

The Tac Tool was inspired by the multi-tools used by our armed servicemen and women while on duty, as a way to always make sure they have a quick and resourceful tool that’s up for any challenge. The Tac Tool comes with 16 of the most common and functional tools used by hardworking welders, carpenters, plumbers, mechanics, and even trail guides everyday, which means it’s built for anything. It’s this all-in-one functionality, combined with an easy-to-use design that makes this tool your next must-have solution that helps you accomplish daily tasks.

Strong And Durable Hammer With Claw

Let’s say you notice a loose nail sticking out of a doorframe. If the nail is still intact and unbent, then feel free to use the Tac Tool’s durable hammer to quickly hammer it back in, but if the nail is rusty and bent, simply turn the hammer around to rip it out using the claw on the back.

4 Useful Wrenches That Tighten And Loosen With Ease

You hear something rattling around your engine as you’re driving, and upon inspection you notice a loose nut. Normally this would lead to frustration. But with the Tac Tool on hand you can use any of the 4 commonly sized wrenches to quickly tighten unsafe nuts and bolts.

Sharp And Durable Handsaw

If you’re a trail guide you understand the importance of carrying gear that’s lightweight and functional. The Tac Tool’s handsaw attachment is perfect for trail-work, like preparing kindling for campfires and cutting down brush and branches to build a shelter.

Get A Good Grip On Pipes And Wires

Mechanics and electricians turn to pliers everyday for firm and precise gripping in tight, compact spaces where your hands can’t reach. The Tac Tool’s flat pliers are designed for holding and pulling wires from deep and small openings. The strong gripping pipe pliers are ideal for holding and twisting open stuck pipes by incorporating a vice-like grip that provides excellent leverage.

Expertly Cuts And Strips Wires

Wire strippers and cutters are an essential for any electrical work, whether you’re installing a wiring system for lights within a wall, or you’re replacing a bad wire on an electrical device. The strippers come with sharp edges that cut through electrical insulation and slides them off with ease. The wire cutters can be used for cutting light and heavier gauge wiring, fishing lines, and even chain link fencing.

File Shapes And Smoothens Out Woods And Metals

The file comes built with durable teeth etched into the blade, to effectively shape and smooth out softer materials like wood and certain metals. This tool provides the perfect finishing touches to your home projects involving cutting with blades or saws that may leave imperfections on your project’s surfaces.

3 Easy-To-Use Screwdrivers For Diy’s

In this age of electronics and DIY assembly, almost every product comes with Phillips and flathead screws. Always be ready to tighten or unscrew to instantly gain access to battery compartments, and inner circuitry! Or use them for assembling or disassembling closets, desks, and home entertainment centers all with these three attachments.

Even Pops Tops For Enjoying Beverages

This incredible all-in-one tool even comes with an always-handy bottle opener, perfect for popping off the top of your favorite beverage after a hard day of work.