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Stretch Genie

  • Adjustable extenders can be left in overnight to improve toe and heel size
  • Fiber softens to a looser thread, then fits your feet and hands upon contact
  • Slip into the best-fitting shoes and gloves you’ve ever known

Stretch Genie breathes new life to shoes and gloves, stretching them to suit your comfort. It works like a modern marvel -- simply spray some inside your shoes and trust the patented formula to do the rest. Your shoes’ fibers will soften in seconds, and as soon as you slide your foot in, they’ll conform to match your size to a tee. Every order of Stretch Genie comes packaged with a set of expanders. These handy adjustable knobs can softly increase your width at the toes and heels. All you need to do is apply them overnight and wake up to perfect footwear.

Your Stretch Genie will reveal a new level of relaxation. Gone will be the days of feet that feel trapped inside ill-fitting sneakers and hands that are roughly stuffed inside winter gloves. Ease into attire that’s custom-tailored to your unique shape today!