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Snuggie Tails

Low Price
  • Available in both child and adult sizes
  • Comes in several different fun designs
  • Completely enclosed blankets for holding in warmth
  • Velveteen fabric is machine washable
  • Stitching is durable and built to last

Keep your feet toasty warm and comfortable with the incredible Snuggie Tails. Designed by the makers of the Snuggie, these cozy and soft wraps create all-encompassing warmth and fun. More than just blankets or sleeping bags, these comfy covers hold heat in and keep you warm throughout the night. Snuggie Tails come in a variety of characters and colors for both kids and adults alike. Relax looking like an underwater mermaid, or get covered by a shark.

These one-of-a-kind wraps are built for people on-the-go. They are made from super-soft velveteen fabric that can be washed easily in a machine and line dry. Snuggie Tails are perfect for anything from watching a movie to hanging out around the campfire. Pick up this fun and unique gift for yourself or someone you love.