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Simply Contour

Low Price
  • Natural lift and tuck with no padding
  • Shrink down up to 2 sizes
  • Tucks troublesome areas like abdomen
  • Silicone bands keep garment in place
  • No irritating hooks or zippers

With Simply Contour, you can finally have the figure you’ve been longing for. This distinctive undergarment helps to slim down your waist, bring elevation and form to your butt, and smooth out the troublesome areas on your abdomen, allowing your body to appear up to two sizes smaller. Simply Contour is able to give you a boost in all the right places thanks to its advanced smart TEX technology.

The ultra-thin fabric that the garment is made out of is breathable and it expands and compresses your body to shape it naturally without the need for padding. Its design is seamless and fits any body type so it can be worn under most articles of clothing. The silicone bands ensure that the Simply Contour garment remains in place and does not roll down the body, guaranteeing that you look great all day.