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SilverPro Wristband and Headband Set

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Wristband (w/ free Headband)
  • Made of the Nature‚Äôs Most Highly Conductive Materials: Silver and Carbon
  • Help Improve Blood Circulation for Faster Healing
  • Boost Energy While Reducing Pain Sensations
  • Help Minimize Swelling and Add Stability
  • Breathable, Lightweight & Odor-free

This amazing and durable wristband uses the innovative combination of Silver and Carbon that is woven into an ultra-lightweight fabric that dissipates electrical charges and massages the affected area. It is designed to work with your body to boost energy and help improve blood circulation for faster healing and add stability. This special conductive blend also offers excellent thermal heat retention and compression support to minimize swelling.

Perfect for those who suffer from hand, wrist, or finger pain, this innovative compression wristband provides lightweight and durable support that is antimicrobial, antibacterial and odor-free.

Includes compression headband. Made of silver composite, carbon, nylon and polyester. Hand/machine washable. Made in USA.