Shiwala Spray Mop

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  • Comes With Two Microfiber Mop Heads
  • Cleans Any Kind of Floor
  • Clean Mop Heads in Washing Machine
  • Lightweight and Long Handle

Make your house chores easier to complete with the Shiwala Spray Mop, the mop that helps you clean effortlessly. The mop head is designed to catch all kinds of dirt, dust, hairs, spills, and more while keeping dripping to a minimum. It’s easy to use: just fill in the liquid compartment with your favorite floor cleaner and spray it across the area you want to clean. The Shiwala Spray Mop has a handle that reaches very far and allows you to get under furniture and into any small spaces and works very well on all floor types. The microfiber mop comes with two mop heads that you can throw into the washing machine for easy cleaning. It’s easy to use and saves you time on cleaning floors and cleaning the mop itself.

Plastic. 47” long.