Sensor Brite

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  • LED-powered for optimum brightness
  • Emits a soft glow that won’t wake others
  • Maintains a radius of up to ten feet
  • No tools needed, no outlet required
  • Light a path down dangerous stairways and brighten your kitchen cabinets

Never lumber around searching for light switches in the middle of the night again! Sensor Brite is the battery-powered revolution in lighting. No outlet is required, so you can place one wherever you like without worrying about tripping over cords and other safety hazards. Installation is a cinch: just peel off the adhesive and stick your Sensor Brite straight to the wall. Motion detection technology takes care of the rest. The light emits a soft, ambient glow, perfect for helping you out without waking the whole family.

Build a safe line down staircases and through halls. Apply one in your cupboards for late-night snacks. Toss one up in your utility closet to check your laundry before bed. The possibilities are endless with Sensor Brite, so grab a pack today!