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SaniStick Scented Sanitation Sticks

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  • Comes with 24 Sani Sticks per pack – 2 years’ worth of sticks per sink!
  • No more reeking pipes – the Scented Sani Sticks are permeated with a naturally fresh aroma
  • Safe to use indoors – Sani Sticks are Biodegradable
  • Environmentally friendly as well

Sani Sticks are the simple, inexpensive way to keep your drains orderly and odor-free all year long- just one of these small sticks in your drain keeps water flowing. The drain sticks possess no hazardous chemicals, are biodegradable, and septic-safe.

All-natural SaniSticks lay in the drain trap for a complete 30 days, slowly releasing a fresh-smelling mixture of natural enzymes to dissolve grease accumulation, food, and other organic residues. As the commanding enzymatic agents work to avert clogs, these handy sticks keep disagreeable odors at bay.

Set of 24 sticks.