Roto Sweep

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The Roto Sweeper by Fuller Brush® allows you to safely and effectively clean any hard surface without leaving behind scuff marks or scratches. As Seen on TV, the secret to this powerful cleaning tool is in the triple rotating brushes that work in tandem to dislodge dirt and debris and channel it directly into the built-in dustpan. No more bending down to pick up traditional dustpans, or lugging around clunky, heavy vacuums! Weighs less than 2 lbs.!

The cordless design allows for quick, uninterrupted cleaning whenever you want. Vacuums have cords that get tangled and annoying bags that need regular changing, but the Roto Sweeper is lightweight, comes with a built-in dustpan, and doesn’t require a power source.

No more moving heavy furniture just to get underneath. The flexible flat handle allows the roto brush to easily fit under couches, beds, and more. Unique edge cleaning technology provides easy cleaning of baseboards, walls, and other hard to reach places around your home. Assembly required. Steel/plastic. 14”W x 44 ¼”H x 8 ½”D.