Restore 4 Professional Restorer

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  • Gets rid of rust and other residues
  • Abolishes hard-water stains and leaves porcelain like new again
  • Brass, iron, copper -- you name it, Restore 4 cleans it
  • Special formula guarantees a safe and efficient restoration

Why settle for a temporary clean when you can restore your home to sparkling status? Restore 4 is a special kitchen and restroom cleaner that promises real results. Rust stains you once thought of a permanent fixture in your bathtub can finally be eliminated. Ugly marks in the grooves between your tiles can be ousted in favor of a bright and shiny finish. Porcelain will shimmer and even hard water residue will evaporate. Your bathroom will look like a million bucks with Restore 4.

Supermarket products are only designed to clean the top layers of dirt and grime buildup. Restore 4 goes beyond the surface, scrubbing hard-to-reach particles and leaving behind nothing but shine. Experience the deep difference with the Professional Strength Restorer today!

Non-abrasive formula contains no ammonia or bleach. 16 fluid ounces.