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Red Shift XT Tactical Glasses

Low Price
  • Minimize glare and enrich color
  • Allow greater focus, less eye fatigue
  • Protect eyes by blocking 100% UVA & UVB rays
  • Full 180º view—no distracting side views
  • Lightweight comfort for enjoying outdoor activities

Sharpen your view of the world around you. And see what you’ve been missing! Red Shift XT Tactical Vision Glasses are not your ordinary sunglasses. This unique eyewear is the popular TV product that cuts through the haze and glare to give you ultimate clarity. By improving your focus, these glasses are perfect for polishing your tennis or golf game. Great for hunting and fishing or simply enjoying all the rich colors of nature.

As Seen on TV, this military-tough tactical eyewear features a 180º uni-lens design to give you a full view. That means no blind spots or distracting side views. Just amazing detail and definition everywhere you look!

Special lenses block 100% harmful UVA & UVB rays including violet-blue light up to 400m wavelength. Impact-resistant frames fit securely—even while wet—without sliding down your nose. And you’ll love how lightweight they feel on your face. One size fits most.