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Red Copper Better Pasta Pot

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  • Non-stick/non-scratch
  • No oil or butter needed
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Heat resistant up to 500ºF
  • Temp-controlled handles

Cooking pasta is always easy and straightforward, but pouring the boiling water into a colander can be tricky, dangerous work, with burns being a common occurrence. Now, thanks to As Seen on TV’s Red Copper Better Pasta Pot, you’ll never have to worry about risking your fingers again! The innovative design of this 5-quart pot includes a tempered glass lid with strainer holes on each side that drains the water from the pot when ready.

Made with Red Copper’s signature ceramic-infused material, the Better Pasta Pot is non-stick and non-scratch, and can be used with metal utensils! Dishwasher safe, simply rinse and use again! Great for any kinds of pasta and safe up to 500ºF, this will be the only pasta pot you’ll ever need.

The Red Copper Better Pasta Pot is not usable on Induction cooktops.