Nano Strong

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  • Make Your Device's Screen Virtually Indestructible
  • Easy-to-Use Wipe-on Application
  • Invisible, Crystal-Clear Protection
  • No More Protective Film Bubbles
  • Prevents Scratches & Cracks
  • Repels Water, Dirt & Grime

No More Damaged Phone Screens!

Make your phone or tablet screen virtually indestructible with NanoStrong! As Seen on TV, NanoStrong is the easy-to-use wipe-on liquid that creates an invisible layer of protection for the screen of your device to last up to a year. Just clean, apply and buff! It's that simple.

NanoStrong comes with everything you need for easy application. Just prep the screen surface with the alcohol cleaning pad, apply the liquid screen protector and use the microfiber buffing cloth for crystal-clear protection. No more protective film bubbles or darkened screens. The ASTV product's secret is Nano-particles that bond together to prevent scratches and cracks, repel water, dirt and grime. Also leaves your screen sharp and bright.

The NanoStrong Screen Protector is impact-resistant and limits potentially harmful radiation. It also protects against germs, killing 99% of surface bacteria. Each application of the popular TV product protects any screen up to 13 inches – ideal for iPhones, iPads, tablets or just about any smart device.

Get strong protection! Get NanoStrong!