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Multi-Cut Cutting Tool

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  • Razor-sharp cutting tool
  • Retractable utility knife
  • Titanium-coated wire cutter
  • Set of four replacement blades store in handle
  • Safety lock keeps tool closed when not in use

Let this powerful all-in-one tool cut your biggest jobs down to size. Multi-Cut 3-in-1 Cutting Tool is simply the most versatile cutting tool around. You’ll find a cutter, retractable utility knife and titanium-coated wire cutter all in one handy device. No more rummaging through your toolbox for different tools! Find it here at AsSeenonTVStore.com.

The secret to this clever cutting tool is the razor-sharp blade and offset pivot point. It harnesses the power to cut through thick, rigid materials. Use on wood, PVC pipe, rope, chain link, battery cables, leather, even tree limbs. The retractable utility knife is perfect for boxes, carpets, drywall and more. And the built-in wire cutter is coated with titanium to easily snip through copper, aluminum and steel wire.

You even get four replacement blades that store conveniently in the ergonomic handle. Safety lock keeps blade closed until ready for use.

10” long.