MSA 30X Hearing Amplifier

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  • Rechargeable - no more batteries!
  • Lightweight & comfortable - only 0.3 ounces!
  • Fits right or left ear
  • Adjustable volume control
  • Small size is barely visible

Frustrated with your hearing? This affordable yet powerful MSA30x Sound Amplifier, As Seen on TV, is a revolutionary hearing amplifier that uses the latest Microsound Amplification Technology, designed to help you hear up to 30 times better. It turns ordinary hearing into extra-ordinary hearing!

The MSA 30x Sound Amplifier works by capturing and amplifying sound waves. Lightweight and easy to use, it is also fully rechargeable; no batteries needed. Simply plug it in at the wall to recharge.

Ear plug fits comfortably in either ear. FDA listed. Includes 6 interchangeable silicone tips.