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Magic Bax Earring Lifts

Low Price
  • Holds earrings at a more flattering angle
  • Securely fastens any post-style earring
  • Great for bad piercings, stretched lobes or heavy earrings
  • Prevents sagging and drooping
  • Feels comfortable and secure
  • Makes earrings fit the way they should

MagicBax Earring Lifters are earring backs that securely fasten and properly support your earrings. As seen on TV, these earring aids are perfect for bad piercings, stretched lobes or heavy earrings. If your earrings droop or sag, then you’ll be relieved to find this easy solution. MagicBax give any earring a more flattering look. Use them on large dangles, tiny studs and all your favorite post-style earrings.

Two Sets: Sterling Silver and 18K Gold Plated

Each order includes two pairs of earring backs. One pair is sterling silver and the other pair is 18K gold-plated sterling silver. Best of all, both styles are hypoallergenic, non-irritating and comfortable for all-day wear.

Perfectly Positioned Earrings Look Lifted and Beautiful

Get MagicBax Earring Lifters to enhance the way all your earrings look. With your earrings lifted into a more flattering position, you will experience an instant confidence boost. The difference is subtle but so striking.

Enjoy the Careful Craftsmanship and Classic Design

You’ll notice right away that these backs are like no others. They’re taller than most and beautifully detailed. The circular "flower" shape is topped by a dainty heart. This enhanced design provides the necessary support to prevent sagging or sloping. No more tired, droopy earrings – enjoy a lively, lifted look every day!