Lint Lizard

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Avoid Costly Dryer Repairs

Dryer not working as well as it used to? It might be getting slowed down by a lint build up, which is forcing your machine to work harder. As Seen on TV, the Lint Lizard provides up to 40 feet of deep lint cleaning power that can help your dryer work more efficiently and dry clothes up to 15 minutes earlier!

Comes With:

Vacuum Adapter

Clear Hose

Over 3.5” Length

Fast and Easy Cleanup

Lint doesn’t stand a chance with the Lint Lizard. This convenient vacuum attachment can extend over 3.5 feet long, and is made with a flexible tube to gets deep into even the hardest to reach outdoor and indoor vents.  The hose is translucent for viewing clogs and buildups of debris, for a clean that’s easy to see. Lint brushes only get some lint and leave a mess, while the lint lizard leaves areas clean by sending lint directly into the vacuum bag.

Prevents Possible Fires

Many people don’t think about the potential fire hazard their dryer has become until it’s too late. If not removed properly, dry lint can lead to a potentially dangerous vent fire. But with the Lint Lizard Vac Attachment you’ll get a deep clean for your lint trap that will keep you safe.