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Hurricane Spin Scrubber

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Hurricane Spin Scrubber
  • Cleans Through Soap Scum, Mildew, Grime, and Dirt
  • Lasts Up to an Hour on One Charge
  • 300 Scrubbing Rotations per Minute
  • Extends up to 44” in Length
  • Includes 3 Different Scrubbing Heads

Save yourself the trouble of bending over backwards to clean your home. There’s a better alternative to straining your back just to clean: the Hurricane Spin Scrubber. It’s a fast-cleaning, easy-to-use machine that makes house cleaning a breeze without hurting your back, hands, or knees. The Hurricane Spin Scrubber can extend up to 44” so that you can reach up high and low without breaking your back or climbing up on anything dangerous. It spins at 300 rotations per minute for a quick cleaning and it can last up to a whole hour on one battery charge. Clean away grime, mildew, dirt, scum, and more from inside and outside of your home without difficulty. The Hurricane Spin Scrubber comes with 3 interchangeable scrubbing heads: the flat head for use on bathtubs and washroom fixtures, the round head for use on tile and plaster, and the pointed head for use on corners and tracks.