Hurricane Spin Duster

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  • Dust Faster and Easier with Hurricane Power
  • Motorized Duster Cuts Cleaning Time in Half
  • Electrostatically Charged Bristles Attract and Trap Dust
  • Conforms to All Shapes and Sizes
  • Gets into Tight Nooks & Crannies, Corners & Crevices

No Dust Left Behind

Now you can dust faster and easier than ever … without moving anything! The Hurricane Spin Duster makes it simple to clean every nook and cranny, corner and crevice thanks to thousands of electrostatically charged bristles that attract and trap dust. As Seen on TV, the motorized, handheld duster gets everywhere in your home.

Dust Without Having to Move a Thing

Just press and spin! The Hurricane Spin Duster is lightweight and portable. Conforms to all shapes and sizes with soft bristles that make it easy to clean between items on bookshelves and cabinets. The ASTV product gets into vent openings, window blinds and other hard-to-reach areas. Great for light fixtures, plants, vases and more!

Say good-bye to feather dusters that just move the dust around. Eliminate the back-breaking work of cleaners and old, dirty rags. The spinning handle and power of static electricity of the Hurricane Spin Duster make cleaning the house from top to bottom a snap.

Includes two duster heads and free multi-surface spray.

Spin your way to a dust-free home with hurricane power!