Hover Cover

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  • Integrated Magnets Secure to Microwave Room
  • BPA Free and Dishwasher-Friendly
  • Cooks Evenly With Built-In Vents
  • Safe to Touch—Doesn’t Heat Up

Stop cleaning up nightmarish microwave messes and get yourself the Hover Cover. It’s an easy-to-use microwave cover with a twist; it has special magnets that come with it which allow it to secure to the roof of the microwave. These magnets are microwave-friendly and are encased in polymer. To use the Hover Cover, just tug it down over your meal and when it’s done, push it back up and leave it inside the microwave. The Hover Cover also has unique steam vents that are specially built into its design, allowing steam to escape from inside so that your food cooks evenly and does not get soggy. It’s dishwasher safe and also keeps cool so that you can touch it without burning your fingers. It’s BPA-free and safe to use near food and measures 11.5” in diameter.