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Gotham Steel Stovetop Grill

Low Price
  • Enjoy Grilled Food Indoors
  • Nonstick Surface for Simple Cleanup
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • No More Smoke or Splattering
  • Use on Electric, Gas, and Propane Stoves

The Gotham Steel Stovetop Grill is the perfect way to enjoy the taste of grilled food indoors while also providing a healthier cooking alternative for your meats and vegetables. The stovetop grill is lightweight and can be carried around or even taken and used outdoors for portable, flexible use. The Gotham Steel Stovetop Grill is made from high-grade materials and its nonstick surface guarantees that cleanup will be a breeze. The water-filled outer ring removes smoke and splattering by catching fat and juices throughout the cooking process. It has both a grill top and drip pan and setting it up is simple: add 0.25 cup of water to the drip pan, place it along with the grill surface onto the stove, and you’re ready to start. This stovetop grill is so versatile that it can be used in a variety of settings including both indoor and outdoor use and on electric, gas, and propane stoves.