Gotham Steel Single Egg Pan

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Discover the one-egg wonder pan!

Now you can master the art of cooking the perfect egg without all the mess. The Gotham Steel Mini Egg Pan has a non-stick coating and, As Seen on TV, comes in a hard-to-find size that will allow you to cook your eggs quickly and evenly, and then have them slide right off!


Safe for use with metal utensils

Oven and stovetop safe

Heat resistant up to 500 degrees

Free of PTFE, PFOA and PFOS

Our exceptionally sturdy blend of ceramic and titanium makes this one tough pan. In fact, this pan is even tough enough to use with metal utensils. And if that wasn’t impressive enough, it offers a heat resistant finish that is safe for temperatures up to 500 degrees.

No butter or oil? No problem. Just cook up an egg and marvel as your finished egg simply slides out of the pan and onto your plate. Take note as the surface wipes clean in an instant and is dishwasher-safe. 5.5” Diam.