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Gel Touch Starter Kit

Low Price
  • Get a salon-style gel manicure that’s easy to do at home
  • Clear gel improves the life and strength of regular nail polish
  • The gel topcoat goes over any type of nail polish you already love
  • Quickly cure the clear coat in 60 seconds with the LED light in the starter kit
  • The Gel Touch Clear Coat won’t damage nails

Create a beautiful manicured look that will last much longer than regular nail polish by using the As Seen on TV Gel Touch Starter Kit and the Gel Touch Clear Coat.

The clear coat changes nail polish to a stronger, long-lasting gel in just a minute. The result is a chip-resistant finish that will keep you looking nice for everyday wear and special occasions. Perform this type of gel manicure quickly and easily from home instead of choosing expensive and difficult-to-remove ones at the salon.

With this Gel Touch Clear Coat, you have the freedom to use your favorite brand and colors of nail polish. Apply the Gel Touch Clear Coat over your dried nail polish and cure it with the LED lamp included in the Gel Touch Starter Kit. This gel is easy to use and simple to take off by peeling or using a fast Acetone soak.   Enough for 20 to 30 gel manicures!