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Fuller Brush Full Crystal

Low Price
  • Easily Clean Windows, Shutters, Siding and More
  • Ideal for Cars, Boats & Patio Furniture
  • Attaches to Any Garden Hose
  • Reaches up to 27' High
  • Safe for Grass, Plants and Shrubs
  • Features Fan Nozzle and Shutoff Valve

A 'Fuller' Cleaning System

Now you can tackle of all your outdoor cleaning tasks, easier and safer! The Fuller Brush Full Crystal system works with a simple garden hose and, As Seen on TV, can reach up to 27 feet high to get your windows, shutters and siding clean without dangerous ladders or clumsy extension poles.

Powerful & Effective Multi-Surface Formula

The multi-surface formula of the Fuller Brush Full Crystal system takes on your toughest cleaning jobs with ease. The ASTV product features a specially engineered bottle with a powerful fan nozzle to get the dirt and grime off hard-to-reach places. Includes a shutoff valve, so you don't have to turn the water off at the spigot to stop.

Get sparkling results every time with less time and less effort. Just hook the Fuller Brush Full Crystal system up to your hose and spray. It's also great for cars, boats and patio furniture. And it won't harm grass, plants or shrubs. Each bottle cleans up to 20 windows. Refill bottles available separately.

Give your home a 'Fuller' clean with 'Crystal' clear results!