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Flex Tape

Low Price
  • Easily Covers Rips, Cracks, Leaks, Gaps and Holes!
  • Great for Roof Leaks, Plumbing Pipes, Pools, Boats and More!
  • Super-Strong and Waterproof
  • Patch, Bond, Seal & Repair Instantly

This super strong and waterproof tape can patch, seal, bond, and repair almost everything! Flex Tape is specially formulated with a flexible, thick, rubberized backing that works on any shape or object. Comes in white and black color, Flex Tape is As Seen on TV, UV resistant, VOC-free, environmentally friendly, and works in any weather conditions.

Flex Tape can be applied on any surface; hot, cold, wet, dry, or even underwater, and consistently creates a super strong, flexible, watertight barrier. Great for roof leaks, down spouts, gutters, boats, kayaks, outdoor equipment, RVs & campers, mobile homes, PVC & plumbing pipes, and so much more!