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Flex Seal Liquid

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16 oz White

The As Seen on TV Flex Seal Liquid is a patent-pending formula that pours out as a liquid and dries to an incredibly strong, watertight, flexible rubber coating. You can use Flex Seal Liquid with a paint brush or a roller. You can dip or pour Flex Seal Liquid to block out air, water or moisture on multiple surfaces and objects! Flex Seal Liquid is stable non-slip barrier that is a resistant to moisture, snow, rain, sun and hail just to name a few!

To use Flex Seal Liquid, make sure that you scrape the surface with steel wool or sand paper of any debris for better staying power. Evenly distribute several coats of Flex Seal Liquid to cover the surface entirely and to fill ALL cracks and holes. Great for basements and foundations, roofs and gutters, chimneys, fish ponds, and pool liners, and adding grips to tools and sporting equipment.