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Flex Glue™ As Seen on TV

Low Price
10 oz.
  • Bonds, seals and repairs.
  • Even works underwater!
  • Creates a rubberized, waterproof bond.
  • Mildew- and UV-resistant.
  • Won’t run or drip. Once dry, it can be painted.
  • VOC compliant and low odor. Cures in 24-48 hours. Reaches maximum strength in 7 days.

Flex Glue™ Strong Rubberized Waterproof Adhesive

Super-Strong Adhesive Instantly Bonds, Seals and Repairs

Now you can bond, seal or repair almost anything with a simple squeeze! Flex Glue™ is the super-strong, rubberized, waterproof adhesive from the makers of Flex Seal™. As Seen on TV, the all-purpose product features "Instant Grab," which holds objects in place, in most cases without the need for bracing.

Locks into Place and Holds on Tight

Bonds, Seals and Repairs Instantly

Cures Within 24-48 Hours; Attains Maximum Strength in a Week

Can Be Used on Wet or Dry Surfaces; Even Works Under Water

Won't Run or Drip; Won't Shrink or Crack

Flex Glue™ has a super-thick formula that begins to work in seconds. It cures within 24-48 hours and reaches maximum strength in seven days. The ASTV product works on wet or dry surfaces, even under water! Great for simple household repairs or big jobs like plumbing, electrical, automotive and more.

Another trademark is its versatility. Flex Glue™ works on a wide variety of surfaces, including metal, wood, foam, rubber, tile, ceramic, glass, concrete, stone, drywall, plaster and so much more. The popular TV item is mildew- and UV-resistant, won't shrink or crack and is paintable once dry. It won't run or drip and can easily be applied vertically or overhead.

Comes in a 6-oz. tube or in 10-oz. Pro Formula cartridge that features even more "Instant Grab" for superior effectiveness. Pro Formula cartridge requires a standard caulking gun (not included).

Flex Glue™ locks into place and holds on tight!