Dial Vision Adjustable Glasses

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  • Adjustable lenses create crystal-clear vision in each eye
  • The perfect temporary replacement for your glasses or contact lenses
  • Lightweight & durable
  • Easy to use
  • Not available for sale in New York or Wisconsin

Are tired of always misplacing your glasses? Constantly frustrated by having to switch between one pair and another because of fit and clarity? With Dial Vision, you can say goodbye to carrying several pairs of glasses at once thanks to their innovative and convenient solution! The two-section lenses can adjust at the simple turn of the dial to the optimal focus for your eyes. As Seen on TV, the Dial Vision lenses are perfect for people with different prescriptions and can adjust to fit for any daily activity, such as far-sighted pursuits such as watching the game and near-sighted tasks such as reading.

Lightweight, flexible, and easy to use, just wipe clean with a soft cloth and enjoy seeing more clearly than ever before!