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Copper Chef Wonder Cooker XL

Low Price
  • From As Seen on TV Copper Chef ™ Cookware
  • Gigantic 12 Qt. Roasting Pan Capacity – Lid Included
  • Non Stick Pan Coating – PTFE & PFOA Free
  • Effortless Cleanup – No Soaking or Scrubbing Required
  • Deep Roasting Pan Fits a 15 lb. Turkey
  • Dishwasher Safe

Now you can cook all your favorite dishes with just one pan! As Seen on TV, the Wonder Cooker replaces up-to 14 traditional baking dishes in your kitchen, instantly! This pan perfectly handles cooking any type of foods, like meats, veggies, pastas, desserts, and can even bake bread!

The Wonder Cooker comes with a cook-and-look tempered glass lid that allows for easy viewing of foods without losing flavor caused by lifting the lid. It also comes with a grill pan with a serving lid and crisper basket for frying up crispy wings.

One of the best things about the Wonder Cooker is how easily it works with any of your existing cooking devices. Feel free to cook with it over a gas, electric, or induction stovetop, place it in the oven, or use it on your BBQ as a grill grate. Take your Wonder Cooker on vacation to prepare big, easy family meals! The pan easily converts to a deep roaster that can hold a 15 lb Turkey, a dutch oven, a stock pan for chili, a shallow roaster for cooking fingerling potatoes, a dual roaster for stews, a casserole dish to use during parties, a steamer for cooking up seafood, a slow cooker for pulled pork, and electric grill pan for sizzling up steaks, an electric skillet for rib tips, a chafing dish to serve up macaroni & cheese, a baking dish for cakes and brownies, or a grill pan for easy chicken and peppers!

One thing that makes the Wonder Cooker so unique is that it comes with induction lining, which provides uniform heat throughout the pan, to provide an even and balanced heat that reduces cold and hot spots for even cooking every time.

This pan features a generous 12 qt. deep design, that’s not too wide. The Wonder Pan fits most standard ovens without any difficulty, and can be stored away in any cupboard or cabinet, leaving plenty of space. Besides being easy to store, it also comes coated in PFOA and PTFE-Free ceramitech coating, which provides an exceptional non-stick surface. This makes the Wonder Pan easy to clean, and dishwasher safe.