Copper Chef Grill and Bake Mats

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  • Comes with 2 Grill / Bake Mats
  • Keep your oven clean; no dripping foods
  • Grill marks on your food adds flavor
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Non-scratch

Grilling is one of the best ways to spend quality time with your family. But oftentimes, the cooking and cleaning process can be so stressful that you forget to enjoy yourself!

Thanks to the Copper Chef Grill and Bake Mats, you can get back to what matters most when grilling. These ultra-durable mats prevent food from falling through the grill, causing buildup and bacteria, and ensure that your food cooks evenly and safely.

Perfect for anything from burgers, to mixed veggies, to veggie burgers! Simply place your food on the mats and watch those signature grill marks cook through to give your meal its classic look and taste.

No fatty butter or oils are needed for this non-stick tray - perfect for marinades too! As Seen on TV, the Copper Chef Grill and Bake Mats ensure all of your food cooks evenly and slides right off once done. Heat resistant up to 600ºF, perfect for any kind of grill and even the oven! You can even keep those classic grill marks on your favorite foods without all the drips, splatters, and flare-ups that come with them. Dishwasher safe and reusable.