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Cop Cam

Low Price
  • Can be securely clipped to any shirt pocket for portable recording
  • Records up to 8GB of HD video and audio
  • Infrared LED lights record in high definition
  • Easy to use –simply plug in your SD card

Now you can watch over your home even when you’re not around! As Seen on TV, the Cop Cam™ is a discreet security camera that measures less that one square inch in size. This allows for recording virtually anywhere around your property. The Cop Cam features a micro SD card, which holds a generous 8 gigabytes of memory for storing HD video and audio, which easily can then be removed and transferred over to your home computer for saving and viewing.

To use the Cop Cam™, simply choose a location for it to go. Be sure to select a place where it won’t be noticed, like behind a lamp or flowerpot. Once placed, simply press the power button, and your camera will start recording up to 140 degrees of footage, for incredible coverage! After a few days have gone by, take out your SD card, and upload it onto your computer using a standard SD adapter. Simply, double click the SD folder on your desktop, and start viewing what your camera picked up throughout the week.

The Cop Cam™ uses motion-activated technology, which turns on at the slightest sense of motion, whether caused by an animal or a person. This is how the memory card can last for several days without having to constantly clear out space. The Cop Cam™ even picks up motion in the dark! The Cop Cam™ features 6 built-in infrared LED lights that illuminate potential intruders under the cover of night.

The Cop Cam™ comes with an easy clip-and-go swivel clip which enables your to attach it to your shirt pocket. This allows it to be used for recording vacations, playing sports, or easily remembering lectures.