Colorama Coloring Book

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  • Step away from technology and find relaxation with Colorama
  • Over 50 decorative designs in each book
  • Pencil set sold separately
  • Perforated edges for easy tears
  • Great for decoration

Adult coloring is the newest and most creative way to unwind and decompress after a long day - and each of these Colorama Coloring Books features over 50 elegant and challenging designs that will keep you engaged and relaxed for hours. The exquisitely detailed patterns of each page provide endless opportunities for creative self-expression in a low-stress, organized way. You don't have to be an expert artist to find your flow and make an incredible scene on each page!

As Seen on TV, the Colorama Decoration and Inspiration Coloring Books are printed on one-sided acid free paper, the perforated pages makes removing each page easy and ready to be mounted on the wall for decoration! Captivate your mind by creating stunning images of secret gardens, stained glass, and whimsical patterns that will keep you entertained for hours!