Clear Zone Side View Mirror

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  • Makes Driving and Changing Lanes Easier
  • Eliminates a Range of Blind Spots
  • Wide-Angle Convex Design Provides a Clear View for Three Lanes of Traffic
  • Makes Backing Up and Parking Easier
  • Easy to Install and Adjust for Customized View
  • Durable Construction Made to Last

Drive with Confidence

Now you can drive safer, park easier and see more with the Clear Zone side view mirror. The As Seen on TV product installs easily on your existing mirror without tools. Instantly eliminates a range of blind spots and provides a clear view of three lanes of traffic to feel more confident behind the wheel.

The Clear Zone side view mirror expands your field of view up to 2.5X. Fits most cars, trucks, SUVs and more. As Seen on TV, the mirror features a wide-angle convex design that is adjustable for a customized view with durable construction that's made to last. Makes backing up and parking in tight spots easier, too.

Set of 2 mirrors helps you navigate busy highways and makes changing lanes on any road easier. The wide-angle view creates an area of visibility to help avoid potential collisions.