Booty Max

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  • Features 7 simple exercises
  • Padded workout platform
  • Easy assembly and compact storage
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Includes DVD and instructional guide

Heading to the gym every day is a big time consuming endeavor, and most people with busy schedules simply can’t find the time to go as much as they want! Now, the Booty Maxx takes the most essential gym exercises and brings them right to your living room! Featuring 7 simple yet strenuous exercises with its innovative targeted resistance and multi-directional resistance technology! The included DVD provides a detailed workout guidance program that will lead you to toned thighs and a tight buttocks.

Simply slip the ankle cuff on and get started on one of the many exercises the Booty Max has to offer, such as kickbacks, squats, ankle raises, and more! As Seen on TV, the Booty Maxx is quickly taking the home fitness revolution by storm, and it’s compact design is perfect for storage under the couch or in the closet. Get fit in no time with the Booty Maxx!