Bell+Howell Tac Visor

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See the road better!

Now you can fully enjoy even the sunniest drives with the TacVisor by Bell & Howell. This visor flap shields your eyes from the blinding glare of the sun and even works at night against the headlights of oncoming vehicles and streetlamps. Inspired by the face shield technology used by fighter pilots, the TacVisor protects your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays and keeps you safe while driving.

Installs easily within seconds and fits all vehicles

Enhances colors and creates optimal clarity

Creates distinct contrast making road hazards more visible

Inspired by face shields worn by fighter pilots

Dims the glare of the sun while increasing visibility at night 

Get the safest view of the road both day and night. Just attach you TacVisor to your vehicle’s visor and see the road in a whole new way. Stay ahead of traffic lights, stopped vehicles and sharp turns with this As Seen on TV visor. Plastic.