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Battle Visor

  • Attaches to any car visor flap
  • Installs in seconds and fits all vehicles
  • Perfect for safer driving day and night
  • Anti-glare, car filter improves safety and give you better vision while driving, protect eyesight
  • Bonus Sun Spot Blocker™ included

Blocks Dangerous Glare

Finding it difficult to get a clear view from you car visor during the day and night? Then the Battle Visor™, As Seen On TV, is for you! It’s a translucent visor that’s specially designed to diffuse the bright glare and sunlight during the day and also helps reduce the bright glare from oncoming cars and lights at night.

Helps Protect Your Eyesight

The As Seen On TV Battle Visor™ helps protect your eyesight from the sudden glare of oncoming cars and bright lights. It’s the prefect travel partner if you find it difficult to drive in bright sunny days or night due to sudden glare. It improves safety, too.

Uses Atomic Clarification Technology

The Battle Visor™ uses Atomic Clarification Technology so you can always see the road ahead. Plus it blocks harmful UV rays and blue rays and helps to protect your eyesight from sudden glare in nighttime and daytime driving. It’s easy to install, too, attaches to any car visor flap. And the Battle Visor™ even comes with a bonus… a Sun Spot Blocker™ for the harshest conditions—just snap it on and slide it over! Crafted in durable plastic. 11.75"L x 3.75"W.