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Bacon Boss

Low Price
  • Enjoy Juicy, Crispy Bacon in No Time
  • Tempered Glass Lid Keeps Bacon Flat and Microwave Clean
  • Raised Grill Surface Keeps Bacon and Grease Separate
  • Less Grease, Less Calories
  • Dishwasher Safe

Microwave Bacon … Without the Mess!

Now you can have juicy, crispy bacon in no time! The Bacon Boss cooks bacon in the microwave without the splatter and without the excess fat and calories. As Seen on TV, the Bacon Boss features a raised grill surface within the cooker to keep the bacon separate from the grease. And no curled up pieces. The rotating handle on the tempered glass lid cranks down like a restaurant-style press to keep bacon flat.

Now you can have bacon anytime and easily accessorize your mouth-watering strips. Add sugar for caramelized bacon, or sprinkle on any spice you like to jazz up the taste. The popular TV product will easily hold twisted strips in place, so you can make savory snacks or additions for appetizers, salads or pasta dishes.

The Bacon Boss uses re-circulated heat for even cooking and the pan makes it easy to drain the excess fat. It's also safe for conventional ovens up to 350° and dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.