Atomic Lighter

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  • Eliminate gas or butane with this fuel-free lighter
  • Completely rechargeable by USB
  • Reliably lights the first time, every time
  • Built to withstand tough or harsh conditions
  • Comes with a life-time guarantee

Never again be stuck when you’re in need of a flame. The Atomic Lighter is just what you need for quick and reliable lighting every time. Strength is built right into this lighter by harnessing the power of Plasma Arc Tactical Technology to spark a flame. Just press the easy-touch button and you’ll get a steady light every time. Refill gas or butane cartridges can be expensive for top-quality lighters. You’ll never need to worry about that with the Atomic Lighter because it operates completely fuel-free.

The lighter is USB rechargeable, making it handy for whenever you need it. One full charge is enough to last you up to 100 separate lights. This lighter was built for the tough work you need it for. The durable casing keeps it safe from any pressure, while the flint-less technology allows it to work in wet and windy conditions. Whether using it for a barbecue, bonfire, fireworks, or camping survival kit, the Atomic Lighter will never let you down.