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Atomic Beam Magic Ear

Low Price
  • Large LCD Screen
  • Easy-to-Use control buttons
  • Comfort Earbuds Included
  • 15 Different Volume Levels
  • Fully Portable
  • Disguised as a Pocket Radio

The Magic Ear provides incredible audio enhancement, in one compact and powerful device. Having difficulty making out what someone is saying? Simply slip the Magic Ear into your ear, to instantly enjoy amplified sound that allows you to join the conversation.

Enjoy up to 15 different volume levels, for fully customized listening. Features a large easy-to-read LCD screen that’s perfect for keeping track of your volume levels. Easy-to-use volume control can be turned up or down with just a finger.

The portable and discreet design allows this amazing sound enhancer to fit in your pockets or purse with ease and be taken out whenever you require it. Designed to look like a standard radio, so most people won’t even know that you’re wearing a hearing enhancement device. Feel comfortable and confident!

The Magic Ear is perfect for any situation, even when there’s a lot of environmental sound and chatter. Great for use in movie theaters and busy restaurants – Magic Ear cuts through the clutter of background noise to deliver unbelievable clarity. Plastic. X”W x X”H.