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Aqua Dog

Low Price
  • No Mess, No Spills, No Waste!
  • Just Squeeze to Fill the Bowl
  • Good to the Very Last Drop!
  • Fits in Car Cup Holders
  • Great for All Size Dogs

Give your dog a thirst-quenching drink – anytime, anywhere! The Aqua Dog portable, automatic water mug makes trips to the park, long walks and long car rides easy – and mess-free.

As Seen on TV, the Aqua Dog mug is so simple to use. Fill the container with water and screw on the bowl-top cap. When your dog is thirsty, squeeze the bottle and the automatic pump pulls water into the bowl for a nice, cool drink. Just release when your dog is finished. The extraction rod goes right to the bottom, so you never waste a single drop.

The Aqua Dog mug has a wide-mouth bowl for any size dog and features a streamlined design, so it fits neatly into car cup holders for easy transport. Your dog will never by thirsty again!