Air Dragon

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  • Extra-long 14 foot car power cable
  • Built-in LED light
  • Stops automatically when reaching the perfect pressure
  • No batteries required
  • Flexible nozzle

Filling up your tires can be a complete hassle - it can even be dangerous if you don’t fill the up to the right air pressure. Now, with the Air Dragon, you can enjoy easy and safe fill-ups from anywhere! Thanks to its innovative flex-tip nozzle which allows you to get around nasty bike spokes or hard to reach taps. The user-friendly design makes filling up car tires, basketballs, air mattresses, and pool floats a snap! Simply input the desired air pressure and the Air Dragon automatically cuts off.

No charging required, the AsseenonTVStore’s Air Dragon connects to your 12V car charger, and even has a night mode for fill-ups in the dark. No more wasting your breath or stomping on an old-fashioned hand or foot pump for minutes at a time. With the Air Dragon, just plug in and pump!