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Adjustable Grout Brush

  • Scrub by hand or attach to broom handle
  • Add-On Brushes Scrub Up To 8 Lines of Grout
  • One side scrubs, the other scrapes

Scrub Away Grime With Pin-Point Precision!Don’t you just hate it when those crisp, clean grout lines become dirty and discolored, ruining the look of your beautiful tile floor? Now there’s a super-easy way to keep those grout lines spotless – introducing the Adjusta-Brush! Instead of a single row of bristles, Adjusta-Brush comes with eight petite-yet-powerful brush heads that slide along the base, clamping tight at precisely the same intervals as your grout lines! Add as many as you need to keep your grout spotless!Double-Duty Brush Scrubs & Scrapes!Each of the 3”-long clamp-on scrub brushes has a nifty scraper tip. So scrub-a-dub, and when you hit a particularly dirty spot, flip to the scraper side and scour away! You can even attach your Adjusta-Brush to a standard broom handle to clean grout lines without scrubbing on your hands and knees! Plastic/rubber. 14.25"W x 10.5"L.