Active Bright Teeth Whitener

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  • Whitens Teeth Safely and Gently
  • Activated Coconut Charcoal Helps Remove Stains
  • Simple to Use – Just Brush Normally and Rinse Clean
  • Safe for Everyday Use – Gentle on Enamel and Sensitive Teeth
  • Instant Results After the First Use
  • Traps Toxins & Chemicals

 Whiten Your Teeth with the Power of Coconut Charcoal

Get whiter teeth … gently and safely! Active Bright is the natural teeth whitener that features activated coconut charcoal. As Seen on TV, this powder works simply and efficiently to pull stains off your teeth. Just apply a small amount to a damp toothbrush, brush normally and rinse clean!

Peppermint Flavor for Minty Fresh Feel

Helps Prevent Bad Breath & Cavities

Active Bright is safe for everyday use. It's gentle on enamel, won't hurt sensitive teeth and works on dentures and implants. The ASTV product whitens teeth while removing plaque and bacteria to deliver visible results after the very first use! Activated coconut charcoal has millions of tiny pores to absorb and trap toxins and chemicals through the process of adsorption.

So, forget about expensive strips, trays or costly visits to the dentist for whitening. Active Bright works on all types of stains – tobacco, coffee, tea, wine and more! The popular TV product comes in peppermint flavor to leave mouth fresh, and it also helps prevent bad breath and cavities.

To make teeth white, get Active Bright!