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Ab Transform Belt

Low Price
  • FDA cleared
  • Clinical studies conclude this belt strengthens abdomen muscles
  • Works upper, lower and side abs, obliques, lower belly area and love handles
  • Portable and easy to use

The Ab Transform is the As Seen on TV system that works the entire torso - obliques, the upper and lower belly areas, plus those tricky love handles. Merging advanced technology and physiology, the AB Transform belt sends a signal that triggers core muscles directly, working out your entire torso. Safe and effective.

The Ab Transform Belt is an FDA-cleared Electro Muscle Stimulation belt used to strengthen core muscles, effective for either gender. Clinical studies have shown positive results from the Ab Transform in as little as 10 days.

Fits up to 55" waist. Includes one belt (nylon and spandex) and a programmable remote with adjustable settings, plus cables, adhesive pads, instructions, and 3 AAA batteries.