3 Second Brow Eyebrow Stamp

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  • Natural, Waterproof, and Long-Lasting Eyebrows
  • Easy and Painless Application
  • Pressure Yields Both Soft and Darker Results
  • Comes in Brown to Match Most Hair and Skin Colors
  • Includes Compact Mirror, 2 Sets of Stamps

Instantly enjoy the benefits of the 3 Second Brow Eyebrow Stamp: flawless eyebrows that are waterproof and will last a long time. Application is easy and painless; just apply the stamp to the powder and then to the brow. With a light touch, you will have a softer looking brow whereas a stronger press will leave you with darker results. The 3 Second Brow Eyebrow Stamp takes only a few seconds to work, allowing you to boost your eyebrows shape and definition and give your eyebrows the fullness that you want them to have. The 3 Second Brow Eyebrow Stamp comes in brown only and consists of two different stamp sets for both the right and the left brow which will allow you to have either a softer arch or a more structured one and a compact mirror for easy on-the-go application.